SEATTLE Seattle Public Schools' board members voted unanimously Wednesday to fire Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson and Chief Financial and Operating Officer Don Kennedy.

School board members voted after two hours of public comment, calling for the termination of Goodloe-Johnson and Kennedy's contracts.

The board also voted to make Susan Enfield, current Chief Academic Officer, the Interim Superintendent.

At issue is a district program to help minorities get school contracts. An audit revealed $1.8 million in spending that can't be explained, and questions about the man who directed the program, Silas Potter.

The board said a lack of management oversight and accountability may have allowed potentially fraudulent activity to persist for years without intervention.

Parents said Goodloe-Johnson and Kennedy are in the hot seat because they didn't act when red flags were first raised about Potter and the program.

She's at the top. She's supposed to be aware and she's not, said one parent.

But supporters of the superintendent believed the good things she did for the district should count in her favor.

She's a wonderful person, she is so committed to kids and education, said Sara Morris, Alliance for Education President and CEO. She started as a teacher, then became principal and then administrator.

Seattle Public Schools will pay Goodloe-Johnson some $300,000 in severance, which would include her base pay of $264,000 and benefits. Kennedywill receive six months salary.

Goodloe-Johnson remains in South Carolina, tending to her mother who is ill. Potter is now in Florida, where he resides.
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