TAMPA, FL. -- The man who ran Seattle Public Schools' small-business contracting program and is accused of handing out questionable money has moved to Florida.

A continent away from the cold, gray, Seattle winter, Silas Potter now calls Tampa home. He has registered to vote there and has a driver's license with a Tampa address.

The address is a working-class apartment complex tucked in along a busy commercial strip and under the flight path of the nearby airport. There, a white Chevy Tahoe sticks out among the more modest cars and pick ups -- not just because of its tricked out wheels, but because of its Washington license plates.

Despite attempts to speak to him at his apartment, Potter never answered the door. And in the parking lot of the apartment complex, he didn't say much either.

Potter did open up a bit more to the Seattle Times, saying he did nothing wrong and that he's not hiding from investigators. He said in the end, if he is prosecuted, he's OK with that.

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