Amy Smith is a book lover who's trading paper for plastic. She got a Barnes and Noble Nook color e-reader for Christmas and she loves it.

I use it every day. Put it in my purse. Carry it where ever I go, said Amy.

But a month ago, the romance reader's relationship with her Nook started to smolder, but not in a good way. See, Amy plugged the charger in next to her couch and the heat between the end of the cord and the couch it was lying on brought the two of them together.

After I got it detached from the couch and looked at it, I could smell that the plastic had burned.

No one was hurt. Amy's not too upset about the burn mark left on the couch, but it could have been worse.

The couch could have burned and my house could have caught on fire.

Her Nook is covered by a warranty. If anything goes wrong, it's taken care of. All she needs is a replacement charger. Easy, right?

I ended up calling six or seven times over the course of three weeks to try to get a charger, I haven't been able to get anything

That's right. Amy can't even get a call back to tell the company what happened, let alone get a new charger. So, she called me and I got a hold of Barnes & Noble.

They don't know why Amy couldn't get a replacement right away, so they did their best to make up for it. They gave her a new charger and $3,000, which she says covers the cost of her couch.

Very excited. It's nice. We're remodeling our living room. It'll finish off the room nicely.

Barnes and Noble also sent her another Nook. They're not sure what happened with the one that melted, but they say they are looking into it.

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