SEATTLE -- A little girl and former Seattle Children's Hospital patient is selling the Christmas spirit year round for a good cause.

To Natalie Smith everyone who walks past her booth is a potential customer. And who wouldn't want to buy what she has to sell.

We're selling votives and ornaments to help support childhood cancer awareness, says Natalie.

Twenty five dollars for an ornament that means so much.

It started in 2006 when I got diagnosed with ML leukemia and my mom created a guild 'Friends for Life,' she says.

Natalie's mom, Dene, started the 'Friends for Life' guild after watching harsh cancer treatment devour her daughter.

So we were just living at the hospital and one of the doctors said the hope is in the research and I just reached out to a group of friends, says Dene.

The bar is set high -- find a cure for cancer by selling a lot of ornaments.

It's an inspiring business plan from an 11-year old who says she learned a valuable lesson from cancer.

The good thing is like I know more about that sort of thing and I know that life is, life is really worth living, says Natalie.

Natalie and her mom are among 7,000 guild members who support the kids at Seattle Children's in a variety of ways.

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