SEATTLE-- Just when you think it's safe to crawl out from under a three day cold snap, trouble is coming down the pipe.

Pipes that froze solid overnight and early this week are now defrosted and soaking homes and holiday parties. It's a plumber's Thanksgiving.

Yeah this is basically it for the next couple weeks, said Dan Gibson with Steve's Plumbing.

Scores of plumbers are responding to hundreds of calls of ruptured pipes around the Seattle area.

Frozen pipes punctured by the ice are revealing themselves. Plumbers call it The Thaw, and it has a lousy sense of timing.

Between 1:30 and 2:00 in the morning, said Gibson.

Dave Kleespie of Fischer Plumbing is a journeyman who knows exactly when The Thaw is happening.

When the temperature gets above 32 like it did today, when it got about 33, my phone just started going off the hook, he said.

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