GRANITE FALLS, Wash. An all-girls team from Granite Falls High School have built a car that gets 470 miles per gallon of diesel.

The girls, who call themselves the ShopGirls, were the first all-girl team to compete at the Shell Eco-marathon competition in Houston, Texas over the weekend. A boys team from Granite Falls also competed in a different category.

Most of the 42 teams in the competition were from universities. They built and tested fuel-efficient vehicles over the weekend with the goal of traveling the farthest on the least amount of energy.

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The ShopGirls entered the prototype category, in which teams focus on optimal fuel efficiency mainly through design. The boys' team was entered in the urban concept category, in which the vehicles more closely resemble cars that are currently on the road. The Daily Herald reports that, while the boys' car was allowed to participate, it did not compete because it did not meet weight requirements.

The top prize went to a team from Laval University in Quebec, Canada. They built a car that gets 2,487 miles per gallon.

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