SEATTLE - The Sounders FCsays it has no immediate plans to expand the seating configuration at Qwest Field.

The demand has to be there, and as the demand builds, we'll look at it, said Sounders VP Gary Wright.

But Thursday night, even after adding extra seats, the team will have 35,500 in attendance, and some fans wonder whether they should provide more of an opportunity to purchase tickets on a game-to-game basis.

They are (eliminating) the walkup crowd, said fan Douglas Mays. Start selling the walkup crowd, this is a world pastime sport!

Mays, a self-described soccer nut, is growing frustrated with the limited availability for game days, and says the team should un-tarp the upper deck to allow more fans in. He doesn't understand why the team has been reluctant to do so. He'll be watching tonight's game on the couch.

It's kind of lame, he said.

The Sounders claim it's more complicated than it sounds.

They can't un-tarp the Hawks Nest, because of a contractual agreement with Microsoft.Plus, opening up more seats costs money.

As you open more seats, you have to have more ushers, more concessions stands, more of everything, the costs go up, said Wright.

The team does release a few tickets, which are returned by other franchises and the league, and Wright suggests fans check with the box office.

Wright says with the current configuration, every match is sold out through July.

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