LACEY, Wash. - They are too young to drive, but some teens at Lacey's Chinook Middle School apparently aren't thinking twice about taking some very adult pictures of themselves.

It's called sexting and now, those who took part have been arrested and could be slapped with child porn charges.

So far, authorities have confiscated nine cell phones with the sexted picture on it. No one can say for sure how many more are out there.

North Thurston Schools said administrators acted quickly when they learned of the sexting gone wild among students.

So now it is a matter for Lacey Police who believe this started when a 14-year-old girl took a picture of herself so graphic, it could be classified kiddie porn, and sent it to her 14-year-old boyfriend.

When the relationship ended badly, that's when police say the now ex-boyfriend started to forward the picture to others.

When parents found out, they went to the school and administrators called police. The boyfriend and another girl who was apparently spreading the picture were arrested and could face charges of child pornography.

Sexting is a growing problem nationwide and the school district hopes that by alerting parents and having a frank discussion with students, it will be the last sexting case they have to deal with.

Before you press 'send,' think about what you are doing and how it may affect other people, said Courtney Schrieve, North Thurston Schools.

Police say anyone who has been sent the picture should delete it, but if someone is found to forward it again, they could be implicated in the case and face charges.

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