BREMERTON,Wash. - The pledge was simple.Meet at the Armin Jahr Elementary School flagpole at noon on January 1, 2010. The pact was made by 20 third graders and one forward thinking teacher.

They were such a tremendous group of kids Isaid, I wanna see what they're like in the future, said retired teacher Richard Lewis.

At 9 minutes until noon, the students started flooding in and along with them, the memories.

This one actually is just a bigger version of what she was!, jokes Lewis, as he points to one of his students, Jenna Mathews.

She blushes and laughs, amazed and emotional at the whole experience.

Living in a time with people reconnecting on Facebook and MySpace actually coming together for something that was a really special memory is cool.

Lewis remembers just about all of his students. He even remembers the day he made the pact to meet here. What surprises him most, is that they remembered too.

A lot of us remembered for years and joked with each other about it.I'm going to have to get some people who aren't here right now! jokes former student Stephen Moshay.

The students were part of the Bremerton School District's gifted program. Mr. Lewis' lessons resonated with them well beyond the classroom.

Ithought Iwould start crying when Isaw Mr. Lewis and Idid.That was really emotional, says Marit Bockelie.

Mathews says, it's amazing how easy they it was to reconnect after all of these years.

The best part about all of this is thatto methey look exactly the same except for the beards and gel in their hair! Everyone is basically acting like we did too, said Mathews.

Bright-eyed thirdgraders, now mothers, fathers and professionals.

Ithink Icould envision doing something really great and probablyhaving kids which Ido, so I was right!, jokes Moshay.

For Lewis, seeing their faces, hearing their stories and knowing that he made a difference ispriceless.

It's like finally I get in the end zone and Iget to throw the ballto the ground and it's like I did it, I did it, Iactually did it! he said.

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