LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- The president of the union for Lakewood police says the man identified as the suspect in the slayings of four of his fellow officers should never have been on the street.

The suspect, 37-year-old Maurice Clemmons, has an extensive violent criminal history from Arkansas and was recently charged in Washington with assaulting a police officer and rape of a child. He was released from jail last week after posting bail. Despite an extensive manhunt, he remains at large.

I can't believe he was out on the street, said Union president Brian Wurts. If what (we hear) is true, I think this country needs to get together and figure out why these people are out. Our elected officials need to find out why these people are out. We have five percent of the people out here committing 90 percent of the crimes - not just against us but against all of you.

We've got to keep these people accountable and go to keep these people locked up. If you want to rehabilitate them, you can rehabilitate them. But rehabilitate them in prison where they're supposed to be. This guy should have never been on the street, he said.

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