Sarah Slack is on a mission to help as many families as she can.

We've been a lifesaver for so many families in their darkest times , says Slack, who founded the Tears Foundation in 2003. We helped one family that year, says Slack.

So far this year they've helped 160 families and counting.

The Tears Foundation helps grieving families who've had to bury their children. With the help of donations, they'll pay for markers and for funerals parents can't afford.

Standing at your child's grave is not something anyone wants to do in their lifetime, says Slack. She had to bury her own child nine years ago.

Jesse was born, still born, November 14, 2000, says Slack who felt even more grief that she couldn't afford a marker for Jesse.

Now she's helping others. Thanks to the Tears Foundation, Jenna Swanlund received a marker for her baby, Jennay, who hadn't had one for the four years since her death.

She deserves it. Every baby deserves it, says Jenna. I'm just so happy .

If you'd like to make a donation to the Tears Foundation or find out more about the foundation, go to

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