SEATTLE - A group of students at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle launched a ribbon campaign to encourage classmates to stay away from drugs, alcohol and other risky behavior.

That campaign spread beyond their own classrooms and hallways. It spilled onto a football field and, for one night, turned opponents into teammates, united in a common fight.

Rebecca Endrizzi says she knows someone who's life spiraled out of control because of drugs and alcohol.
It not only ruins their life, it ruins their family. It ruins their friends. It ruins anyone involved with them, said Rebecca.

A startling number of Rebecca's classmates at Nathan Hale have a problem with alcohol - a third of the school's seniors admitted to binge drinking in the last two weeks.

Rebecca and other members of Raiders Against Destructive Decisions , or RADD want classmates to know there's a better way.

This week, the group encouraged friends and even the football team to wear red ribbons to raise awareness about the alcohol's dangers.
Football games are a place where all students go to meet and there tend to be parties that go on after football games, said student Nichola Greenblatt.

When the game got underway at Ingraham, the Nathan Hale Raiders weren't the only ones sporting red ribbons. Ingraham's players joined them in solidarity.

To know that another school is going with our cause is just great, said student Aaron Konsker.

RADD members say it's important for older students to set a positive example for younger classmates.

I'm really trying to be supportive of (my younger sister) and her friends and trying to be like, 'You know you don't have to do this to be cool. You don't have to do this to hang out with upper classmen,' said student Zoe Nurmia.

RADD says it's important parents build a trusting relationship with their kids, where they talk to their kids about drugs and alcohol and get to know their kids friends.

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