Only two things in life are certain - death and taxes. Kathy Demaree has made sure she's good with Uncle Sam but a recent voicemail had her thinking twice.

This is Frank Jefferson and I m calling you from the Internal Revenue Service Tax Audit Department, claimed the caller on the voicemail.

It's very alarming at first because he's got a very strong voice and it's very declarative. I'm being arrested, recalled Demaree.

The call is just another phone scam. This one claims you owe the IRS money and you're headed to jail if you don't pay up immediately.

So that's one of the things that struck with me is that the IRS doesn't usually call just to say hi and tell you you're going to be arrested, said Demaree.

Demaree may have seen through the scheme but not everyone does. In fact, the Treasury Department found that fraudsters have stolen more than a million dollars using this hoax.

Chuck Harwood with the FTC says the scam works because it preys on fear. First the bad guys trick you with caller ID.

Don't trust your caller ID. Just because it says IRS or just because it says tax agent that doesn't mean anything. It's very easy to spoof those words on a caller ID, said Harwood.

Then they threaten you until you hand over your cash and they ll take it however they can get it.

They'll say, send, give us your credit card number so we can get you to pay or they'll say wire money to use immediately or they'll say put money on a prepaid debit card and then give us the number on the card and we'll get the money that way, explained Harwood.

If you get one of these calls just hang up. Remember, if the IRS wants you they know how to find you. They won't give you a courtesy call first.

Listen to the voicemail Demaree received here.

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