A church community is mourning the loss of a 12-year-old member after he died on a Boy Scout trip.

The boy was with his Silverdale Boy Scout Troop this weekend when the trip turned tragic.

The scouts were in the Lower Lena Lake area in Jefferson County.

Jefferson county officials say there were at least four adults and 10 children on the overnight hike, including the boy's 14-year old brother and his father.

Officials say the boy died after a log that he and his friends were pushing down a hill caught his jacket and rolled over him.

Those who attend the boy's church in Silverdale say it's faith holding the grieving family together.

The family I think is doing well as any family would; they're a family of great faith and this is a tough time coming at Easter and all, but there's a lot of hope that comes to a Christian family with Easter and the resurrection and our belief that life doesn't end, said Eric Gillespie, LDS Stake President.

The accident happened on one of the troop's monthly planned outings.

No memorial services have been announced at this time, but those are expected in the coming days.

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