BOTHELL, Wash. -- The trial against a Bothell husband accused of killing his wife is set to begin in two months. But prosecutors have just learned a potential witness has committed suicide.

Love Thai became known as the outspoken girlfriend of Alan Smith, who she began dating several months after his wife Susann was found bludgeoned to death in their home.

The King County Medical Examiner reports Thai committed suicide on April 8.

Thai used her Facebook page to post intimate photos and videos of her and Smith, detailing everything from his arrest to him voicing frustrations with divorcing his wife.

Prosecutors say these videos led them to consider calling Thai as a witness in Smith's murder trial. But they questioned her mental and emotional stability, which she spoke about often.

Prosecutors say her testimony was not crucial to their case, and they are fairly confident they will be able to use the video from her Facebook page as evidence anyway.

Three months after Susann Smith's death, Alan Smith moved back into the home where she was killed. Police were called to the house several times for domestic issues and an incident where Smith and Thai were having sex in the front yard.

The couple's behavior seemed shocking to many, considering Smith's wife had recently been murdered and their children had been taken into protective custody.

On July 1 of last year, Thai posted a sonogram of the baby she was expecting with Smith. It is unclear what happened to the couple's baby.

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