Claim your cash KING

Right now, $1 billion of unclaimed property waits for more than 3 million Washington residents. Unclaimed property includes forgotten paychecks, deposits, refunds, bank accounts and investments.

Unclaimed Property Operations Manager Erin Lopez, from the Washington State Department of Revenue joined guest host Kim Holcomb to show how to find out if you are one of those three million, and better yet, how to get your money.

Anybody can have unclaimed property. In the last year money has been returned to politicians, celebrities, and athletes. Claimyourcash.org has also returned money to many people who burst into tears when they find out about their unclaimed cash because they didn't know how they were going to pay their rent. Last year a total of $66 million of lost money was returned.

This is a FREE public service of the Washington State Department of Revenue. If you visit a website or are contacted by someone requesting money for these services, visit claimyourcash.org instead.

To check other states you have lived in visit www.missingmoney.com

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