SEATTLE - Beer cans, candles, and letters were left on a park bench in honor of music icon Kurt Cobain. Nirvana fans gathered to remember the singer who died 20 years ago on April 5, 1994.

Teens in general are looking for answers and he had them, said Raye Clevenstine, fan.

Clevenstine left a candle on the bench in Viretta Park, which is near the home where Cobain was found dead. On this day every year, she comes to remember the singer.

Especially 20 years later people haven't forgotten that he is still alive in this town, said Clevenstine.

Throughout the day, fans stopped by the park to remember Cobain and his music.

Two decades after his death, the police investigation is back in the spotlight. Last month, Seattle Police released new crime scene photos. One of the photos appeared to show Cobain s stash of heroin in a cigar box along with cash, cigarettes, a pink lighter, and sunglasses.

Police said the case has not been re-opened. Cobain s death was ruled a suicide.

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