Mark Zmuda, the vice principal who was dismissed from Eastside Catholic School after marrying his partner in a legal same-sex wedding, is suing the school and the Seattle Archdiocese for discrimination and wrongful termination.

Attorneys for the school and the Archdiocese of Seattle have already drafted a motion for dismissal of the lawsuit, saying Zmuda knew that his same-sex marriage goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The dismissal cites state law that provides religious schools with immunity from civil claims. The motion to dismiss alleges that the school is not required to acknowledge Zmuda's marriage and that he is prohibited from suing.

According to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by KING 5, in January 2013, then school president Sister Mary Tracy asked Zmuda if he was gay. When he said yes, Tracy asked him not to bring his same-sex partner to any school related events. Zmuda agreed.

In July 2013, Zmuda married his long time partner. In November, the lawsuit states school administrators asked Zmuda if he was gay. When he confirmed, Tracy told him the school would pay for a commitment ceremony if Zmuda got a divorce. When Zmuda refused to get a divorce, he was fired.

Eastside Catholic School sent a letter to Eastside Catholic community members confirming the lawsuit will be filed on Friday.

Zmuda s dismissal from the Sammamish school sparked an outcry from students at Eastside Catholic and a nationwide response.

During the fallout from the decision, Eastside Catholic president Sister Mary Tracy resigned.

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