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Volunteers of America Western Washington offers services to men, women, children and families struggling with a variety of challenges, including homelessness, mental illness, insufficient food and medical care. The organization also offers programs critical to children, including free child care, pre-schools and day care centers at high schools which give teen parents the opportunity to complete their education without worrying about child care.

Cheryl Iverson, Volunteers of America Western Washington's Senior Director of Child and Youth Development Services, joined Margaret to talk more about the many programs aimed at helping families jumpstart education at an early age. Mark Johnson, the organization's Vice President of Development and Communications, also joined the conversation to share how we can help support the the free services they provide, by donating money, unused vehicles or by volunteering our services and time.

Here's a short video that showcases the work being done by staff and volunteers with the Child and Youth Development Services.

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Financial donations

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteers of America Western Washington's Car4VOA vehicle donation program

Connect with Volunteers of America Western Washington on Facebook and Twitter: @VOAWW

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