CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN, Wash. - Several ski slopes at Crystal Mountain remain closed due to the threat of an avalanche.

Over the past two weeks, there has been over 100 inches of snow which created dangerous conditions, according to ski patrol director Paul Baugher.

This is towards the end of a pretty big avalanche cycle and it s gone on for about 10 days, said Baugher.

A ski patrol avalanche control team worked to improve the conditions on the mountain Friday morning. Ski patrol launched a helicopter to drop off large explosives at the top of the mountain slopes to trigger an avalanche.

Baugher said the explosives allow them to remove several layers of unstable snow and make it safer for skiers.

Explosives are very effective in releasing any instability in the snow, said Baugher.

Due to weather, the helicopter was unable to fly Friday afternoon. Baugher hopes the chopper will be able to fly Saturday. No word on when the closed slopes will open.

The main slopes near the resort were not affected and remain open.

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