SNOQUALMIE PASS- After another round of snow, the Northwest Avalanche Center is once again warning backcountry skiers about the threat of avalanches. Program Director Scott Schell said there is a high avalanche danger near Alpental.

There is a lot of avalanche terrain in this tiny little valley a lot of places you can get in trouble, said Schell. We are recommending a lot of caution and we are recommending backcountry travelers staying out of avalanche terrain right now.

Several feet of snow fell over the weekend. Backcountry skier Reid Nelson avoided certain areas prone to avalanches.

It is not just the terrain that you are on it is what is above you that you have to think about, said Nelson.

Nelson, who also volunteers with the ski patrol, carried an avalanche survival kit with him. The Northwest Avalanche Center recommends skiers carry a kit when taking backcountry trips.

Making sure you and all the members of your party have all of the avalanche rescue equipment, the avalanche transceiver, the avalanche shovel, and the avalanche probe, said Schell.

Schell said some kits cost under $500.

Over the past week, the Northwest Avalanche Center has received several reports of avalanches in the mountains.

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