PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Puyallup police say a 13-year-old boy has died in what appears to be an unintentional shooting by a friend.

Police say five boys got together at one of the boys' home after school Thursday.

The boy who lived at the home pulled out a shotgun to show to his friends. One of the boys grabbed the gun from the boy and pulled the trigger, killing his 13-year-old friend.

One of the boys called 911, while another ran to a neighbor's house for help. The third stayed behind to take care of his friend, who was shot in the chest.

The injured boy was transported to Tacoma General Hospital, where he died.

Police say it appears the boy who fired the gun may not havet believed the gun was real, so he pointed it at his friend and purposely pulled the trigger. Investigators don't know if the boy loaded the gun or if it already had a bullet in the chamber. Police say the gun was not locked away in a safe.

Police will forward the investigation on to prosecutors who decide whether anyone could face criminal charges.

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