SPOKANE, Wash. A Spokane school principal temporarily renamed its school Russell Wilson elementary in honor of the Seahawks star quarterback. Now the students are putting out a plea for Wilson to come visit them.

One second grader at Wilson Elementary has taken to YouTube to read a heartfelt letter to Wilson.

Noelle Fries, 8, has been learning all about character this year at school.

Woodrow Wilson Elementary is using Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson as the face of the word character. The school temporarily took on the name Russell Wilson Elementary. Now Fries hopes Wilson will visit the Spokane students who have been rooting him on.

We really wanted Russell Wilson to come and show us how great a role model he is, said Fries.

So the little girl wrote a letter to Wilson and her mom videotaped her reading it in front of the school. The message is now posted the message on YouTube.

WATCH: School changes its name to Russell Wilson Elementary

Fries principal, Tony Ressa has lead the students on a Wilson chant each day. He uses the lyrics from the song Wilson by American rock band Phish. The school district filmed one performance and it has gotten thousands of hits on YouTube. The video even made it to the Seahawks website.

WATCH: Wilson Elementary principal hopes Russell Wilson will make a visit

Now Fries wants to meet the man behind the inspiration. She wrote this in her letter to Wilson:

I'm hoping you come and visit us soon to see for yourself. It will be our way of thanking you for giving us a great football season, but more importantly, being a great role model.

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