SEATTLE - Did you forget the dip? Or running low on the chicken wings? Grocery stores around town look more like the day before Thanksgiving, as customers stock up for the big Superbowl parties.

It's busy like Christmas. It s like a different atmosphere in here. People are showing up early and shopping carts are packed, said Metropolitan Market butcher, JR Evans.

Stores are also getting creative with all things blue, green and 12.

It's ribeye steak. We call it beast mode. Approximately two pounds, that's 24 ounces for number 24, said Evans.

The steak also comes complete with skittles if you like. Not to be out done, the seafood department is offering blue crab cakes.

In honor of the 12th man we're charging 12 bucks for two of them. Anything that has to do with 12 is good because the 12th man is where it's at, added Gary Cobb, seafood manager.

Over the weekend, they'll sell 100 beast mode steaks and 3,000 bags of tortilla chips.

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