SEATTLE Visitors to the Seattle Boat Show on Lake Union Thursday got an unexpected visit from some kayakers with a message and a free gift.

Aaron Barnett and Eric Scigliano are with Washington Sea Grant, a University of Washington based group that is committed to protecting water quality. Their goal is to persuade all boaters who have waste tanks on board to properly pump them out.

Ask any boater who s ever done it and they will say pumping out the sewage can result in the dreaded brown shower. That s when the pump nozzle slips out and the pressurized sewage sprays out all over the boater.

Barnett said the experience can be so traumatic that some boaters chose to just dump at sea. That s why the two Pumpout Pirates are going boat to boat and giving out free adapters that create a tight, solid bond that eliminates the chance of the pumping hose coming loose.

They said it s working. Boaters last year properly pumped out a million more gallons of boat sewage than the previous years. That represents a massive amount of bacteria that might have ended up floating in our water.

Using Sea Grant money, the pair is passing out adapters to anyone who will take and hopefully use them. You can get your own adapter by going on to their website Pump Out Washington.

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