Life is full of stress and anxiety from time to time, whether it's about money, family or health - but staying positive, truly changing our mindset can make a huge difference. Social worker and mental health advocate Ann Rider, from Optum Regional Support Network in Pierce County, joined Margaret to share how to make lasting changes to improve our mental health and overall wellness:

  • Unplug - stay present, calm and positive.
  • Set Realistic Goals that fit your schedule and budget.
  • Stay Inspired to keep the momentum going.
  • Don't be afraid to Ask for Help - there are people out there who are ready and available to listen.

Whether you're facing a serious crisis or just need help getting through a challenging time, help is available. Here are some helpful numbers:

Washington Recovery Help Line: 866-789-1511

Pierce County 24-hour Crisis LIne: 800-576-7764

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