12th Man, you've been there for the Seahawks all season and we want to recognize that -- by featuring some of the best fans around! From Dec. 30 to Jan. 10 we'll have our 12 days of the 12th Man.

The 12th Man for Day 11 goes international! Watch as Janet Huniu Calvo greets the 12th Man from Bagan Myanmar (Burma).

The 12th Man of the Day for Jan. 8 is the Piek Family. Joseph Piek says: We're the Piek family in Puyallup, WA, and we created our Hawk Nest Fan Cave during the holidays to show our Seahawk spirit! Dad's been a Seahawk fan since the 70's, and as a military family we stayed true-blue fans as we moved around the U.S. Now retired from the Army and settled in Puyallup, our boys are huge fans and we can't wait for football season and to bring on the 12th Man. Go Seahawks!

The 12th Man of the Day for Jan. 7 is Kevin Johnson. He goes by HawkPapa1984 on Instagram. Watch his video showing off his 65 custom jerseys, plus two custom banners signed by players. He says there is even more memoribilia tucked away at home.

The 12th Man of the day for Jan. 6 is Kathy Rivera and her daughter Gracey. The family that 12s together stays together!Watch their spirited chant by clickingHERE.

The 12th Man of the day for Jan. 5 is a group of guys who took their 12th Man pride to the mountain. Bob Reed shared the clip of the guys using snow machines to travel in style.

Fans of the day for Jan. 4 are Jessie, Maddie and Addie, who love cheering on their team.

The Blue Friday fan of the day for Jan. 3 is the 12th Parrot. He has a lot to say about the Seahawks and isn't afraid for you to hear it.

Dave Peterson is the 12th Man of the Day for Jan. 2. In his video submission, Dave said, Since 1976, I live, eat and breathe Seahawks. He also has quite the collection of memorabilia.

Wednesday's fan of the day is McKenzie Kane. Her boyfriend proposed to her outside CenturyLink earlier this year. As you can hear, the fans cheered for her and she said yes.

The New Year's Eve 12th Man of the Day is Blu, the '12th Dog.' As you can see from the video, Blu stays glued to the TV while the Seahawks are playing. He certainly has a loud cheer (bark) and is a glued to the TV screen while the 'Hawks are on the field.

The 12th Man of the day for Dec. 30 is DJTaber. DJsaid Blue Fridays are his favorite day of the week. Check out his video and give him a high five the next time you see him.

You can still be considered. Just submit a video telling us why you are the best 12th Man through Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #k5gohawks. Or share your video at or on our Facebook page. Your video may end up on TV!

Much of the Seahawks' success this season can be attributed to a talented team on the field, but there's no doubt your unwavering support has been instrumental.

That's why we want to highlight some of the super fans, 12s that have cheered loud, traveled the country and stuck by Seattle through thick and thin.

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