SEATTLE- There are members of the Machinists Union who want to vote on a new contract offer from Boeing that local leaders say isn't worth voting on. Those leaders are backed up by other Machinists who agree that after a 2-to-1 rejection of Boeing's last offer in November, there's no reason to vote again, at least not on what Boeing's put on the table.

Paul Fritzler is a mechanic on the 767. He said Monday that there is growing fear among workers that Boeing is prepared to send its 777X work to another state. He says many workers want a chance to vote on Boeing's latest offer.

Fritzler and his family are organizing a Wednesday rally to support a contract vote. Federal, state and local political leaders have also called for a vote.

The fight has even gone online. On Facebook, a page called Give Us A Voice is calling for a 2:00 p.m. march on union headquarters on Wednesday to push leaders to offer a vote, whether the vote is to approve a new contract or turn it down.

On the website maintained by Machinists District Lodge 751, a side-by-side comparison of the rejected contract to the new contract offer was posted over the weekend.

Boeing did withdraw its demand that new hires take up to two decades to reach top pay scales instead of six years as it does now. Many who want a vote say that was a deal break for them on the last offer and the provision's witdrawl now changes their vote.

There are changes on the dental plan and an offer of a second $5,000 lump sump payment in the year 2020. But raises of 1% every other year and company demands that the traditional pension plan be transitioned into a 401K style plan remain unchanged from the last offer.

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