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BUCKLEY -- This Halloween, you can find the 12th man represented in corn. Maris Farms in Buckley created a 6-acre corn maze designed in the shape of a football player and the word Seahawks.

We started planning this way before the Seahawk season, but we knew they were going to be winners, said Stevel Templeman of Maris Farms.

The maze is a confusing mishmash of trails carved into the acres of corn. But don't worry, before you get started you can grab clue cards to help navigate it. The maze can take up to 45 minutes to solve.

If walking around corn isn't your thing, and you're looking for more of a scare, head to the Haunted Forest or Monster Safari.

The Haunted Forest is a true scare fest, said Templeman. We hire 50 actors to participate, so you never know what's around any corner.

One of the corners might include Lil' Clown, a six year old girl who dresses up as a demonic clown. The only name she'll answer to is Lil Clown and she said, I love scaring people, it's fun!

After the heart-stopping experience, you might want to take your frustrations out on the zombies at the Monster Maze. This is a zombie village, with an encampment, a hospital and other scenarios. You get to ride in a modified bus, with paintball guns mounted, loaded and ready to shoot the undead.

People love to get the zombies, said Templeman. The best time tocome is at night, that's when you really get the full effect.

Keep in mind, these are for ages 10 and up.

There are lots of activities for those who won't want the scare and gore. Pig races and a tractor tire mountain, as well as food and a pumpkin patch are also available for family fun.

The Maris Farms Harvest of Terror runs through Halloween night. For more information about tickets and how to get there, visit Maris Farms website.

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