When you cross the bridge you have to pay the toll. But with Good To Go, there always seems to be something more than that, especially for Robin Clark.

Ridiculous and silly, said Clark.

Two words, one problem - postage. See, Clark ordered two passes online but they didn't make it to her home. Instead they were at the post office.

I had a package waiting for me but there was postage due of 66 cents, said Clark.

A check of the envelope shows that the folks at Good To Go forgot something important when sending the mail.

The lady at the post office goes, oh look, there was no postage at all, explained Clark.

So she called Good to Go.

The customer service person told me, well, that's our policy. I said, it's your policy to send mail out without stamps and she said, yes. Wait! No! This can't be true! exclaimed Clark.

That got me thinking. I've received lots of emails and calls from drivers who say they've never received their tolling notices. Some got hit with hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines even after taking their case to court.

We're into customer satisfaction, said Lucinda Broussard with Washington Department of Transportation.

Broussard said it's typically their business to put postage on all things that go out. And as for those who claim to have never received their tolling notices from Good To Go, she says the two don't compare.

The one issue that you're talking about is something that does not have postage on it. The other one is some people not receiving mail. That's two separate issues, explained Broussard.

Broussard told me she wants to see all the complaints I receive from viewers with Good To Go tolling issues. So, if you haven't received a piece of their mail, I want to know about it and I will present the cases to them personally. As for Clark, she got refunded for her postage but this is more than that.

I feel let down basically. I just don't think they did their job, explained Clark.

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