Who doesn t like a love story? I mean LOVE a love story, right? This one is actually three love stories in one.

Thanks to KING 5 viewer Jessie Anderson we heard about this fun story. As she put I m thinking this is out of the normal. And she added, this is a happy family story.

She was right. And as a result, photojournalist Doug Burgess and I had front row seats to it all, entering this family s life at the happiest and most loving times of their lives.

How can I summarize it in one line. How bout this? Three generations, three women, three weddings just four weeks apart. And we were there to capture it all.

The secret for us is we laugh at everything, says Jessie about her groom and soulmate Shawn.

It s so cute they re so in love, says Michelle about her grandma Marlene and groom and soulmate Dick. And then there s Michelle who married her best friend John. She announced her plans to tie the knot first.

I started a trend, she laughs. Look at this. Everybody s getting married now.

They say good things happen in threes.

That s definitely the case for this Western Washington family who decided let s take the plunge; all three of us. And let's do it now.

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