They broke my son. They destroyed my son.

A mom expresses outrage after she says her son was bullied at one of Seattle's most prestigious private schools. But instead of protecting him, she says they kicked him out. Now Seattle's University Prep faces a lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, the student is identified as C.L. He was one of three African American students in his class and says the bullying began his first year at the school. It started with racial and homophobic slurs, then he says the bullying by at least five students at U Prep intensified.

I would be pushed against the wall, pushed and shoved, said C.L.

He claims he wasn't protected at University Prep by administrators or teachers.

They would stand there and say, hey guys cut it out. They would call back throwing spit balls at me, said C.L.

C.L. was a good student, on the school's honor board and academic council. But the bullying took its toll on his grades and his mental health.

I lost the desire to go to school anymore, he said.

Preparing for his senior year with no negatives on his school record, his parents got a shocking call. The school said C.L. would not be allowed to return for his senior year.

They broke my son. They tormented him. They used him for their purposes, said C.L.'s mother.

University Prep says the school vigorously denies the allegations in the complaint but due to the confidential concerns cannot comment further at this time.

Yvonne Ward, the attorney representing C.L. and his family, said, When the bullies turn out to be from old school money and the victim is not, the school protected the bullies and expelled the victim.

C.L. is completing high school now at a local college. His family is seeking damages in the seven figures for tuition, pain and suffering.

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