A JBLM soldier was stabbed to death during a fight early Saturday morning in Lakewood and police are searching for five suspects.

Lakewood Police say at about 2:38 a.m., officers responded to a 911 call for a man down in a parking lot at the 12500 block of Pacific Highway Southwest in Lakewood.

Detectives responded to the scene and determined that the 20-year-old victim had been walking southbound on Pacific Highway SW with two of his friends - all three active duty soldiers from JBLM.

Glenn Zimmerman was with the group celebrating the end of a friend's service to his country.

A car drove by yelled something about them being white... one of my buddies said something about disrespecting a combat veteran, he said.

The car turned around and stopped next to the soldiers. Police say five black males got out of the car and started an argument.

One took out a knife and stabbed the 20-year-old, who died at the scene.

When I saw his body I didn't stop, I kept going, I wanted to find the people that did it so bad, said Zimmerman

Surveillance video from a nearby business caught someone running away.

The suspect vehicle is described as a midnight blue BMW type sedan or VW Jetta type car with four doors, tinted windows and stock rims/low profile tires.

If you have any information you are asked to call Lakewood Police (253) 830-5000

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