Organizers of Seattle's popular Hempfest say dogs - other than service animals - will NOT be allowed to enter the festival this weekend. If you show up to the gate with a dog you will be turned away.

Seattle Animal Shelter Director Don Jordan says in past years when dogs were allowed into the festival they would be inundated with calls about pets locked in hot cars.

This year dogs will not be allowed.

Jordan reminds people that cars left in direct sunlight turn into lethal ovens, reaching fatal temperatures of 130 degrees or more within just a few minutes.

Even dogs left locked in cars in the shade with the windows cracked on hot days are at risk of brain damage or death. Dogs must cool themselves through panting and their systems can t handle high temperatures.

Also, be aware that vinyl seats in vehicles get hot under animals feet and prevents them from perspiring through their paws.

Pet owners can be held criminally liable for committing cruelty to animals if a pet dies, or is found suffering from heat prostration. If you see an animal that may be in need of assistance, or if you have questions, contact the Seattle Animal Shelter at (206) 386-7387 (PETS).

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