White Center is a great place for cheap and really good ethnic food. One of White Center s great champions, White Center Chamber President Aileen Sison, shows the neighborhood s diversity through food.

First stop in this neighborhood of ethnic eateries is the Salvadorean Bakery and Restaurant on Roxbury. For nearly 20 years, this has been the place to sugar coat your sweet tooth and get your pupusa prescription filled.

Sisters Aminta Elga and Ana Castro opened bakery in 1996.

We make thousands of pupusas every day, XXX said of the traditional Salvadorean meal, which are just $2.50 apiece.

Aminta has staked out the kitchen and Ana shares her smile with customers.

When you come, save room for the best tres leches cake in the state - a traditional sponge cake made from three kinds of milk and a hit of rum.

The next stop on the White Center food walk: Pho White Center, where every dish doesn t just taste good, it looks good.

At Pho White Center, you get two spring rolls for $3.75.

The chef with the perfectly coiffed hair wants everything to look just right.

It s mostly my mom. She really likes to decorate food and everything, said Charlene Quach, Pho White Center.

Their homemade pho broth is marinated for three days before it s served. It s the kind of savory meal that has made pho Seattle s comfort food.

Our final stop is La Fondita # 2, a busy taco truck that has been parked off 15th Avenue for more than 11 years.

During lunch time it's complete chaos sometimes, but it's totally aimed at getting you in, getting your food and getting you back to work, said Eduardo Brambila, La Fondita #2.

If you miss lunch, swing by for happy hour after 2pm for 69 cent tacos.

And across the way is a roasted corn stand, offering its own authentic taste of Mexico with offerings like elotes asado, a corn on the cob with mayonnaise, cream cheese and a spritz of lemon.

A mecca for cheap ethnic cuisine, White Center is well worth a foodie s visit.

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