Seattle s grunge label Sub Pop Records turns 25 this week. To celebrate the milestone, they sponsored the first live concert on the top of the Space Needle Thursday.

One of label's earliest signed bands, Mudhoney, performed and the concert was carried live by radio station KEXP.

Sub Pop helped to put Seattle and grunge on the map. Behind several successful Seattle bands was the small, independent record company.

Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Mudhoney signed with Sub Pop two decades ago.

We didn't think so much of Sub Pop as being an enduring enterprise. We thought more about the bands being enduring, said Sub Pop President Jonathan Poneman.

Founded in 1988, Sub Pop created a brand identity called grunge.

Very few indie record labels make 25 years. Most are like restaurants - they start, burn out and go out of business, said Charles R. Cross, a music critic, author of eight books and the first editor of Seattle's premier music magazine, The Rocket.

I think Sub Pop is part of Seattle's cultural legacy forever. Like Microsoft and Starbucks, it's rooted in how this city is thought of outside the area, added Cross.

Sub Pop's Silver Jubilee continues with an all day celebration Saturday, July 13 in Seattle s Georgetown neighborhood. The free event will feature live music, art and food and starts at 9:00 a.m. at Airport Way in Georgetown.

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