EDMONDS, Wash. - A 32-year-old Lynnwood man is in jail for investigation of robbery and assault after police say he attempted to steal two Smartphones from a T-Mobile store.

Sgt. Mark Marsh said it happened on Monday. The suspect used wire cutters to try and get away with working display phones from the store's demo wall, according to police.

He clipped the security cables on two phones, each of them worth close to 600 dollars, said Sgt. Marsh.

A T-Mobile employee and two customers tackled the man and held him down until police arrived.

Jen Cooper was purchasing a cell phone in the store when she said she witnessed the incident unfold.

It was really a struggle for the three gentleman to keep the robber down, said Cooper.

Police arrived quickly and were able to arrest the suspect.

Sgt. Marsh said they have received reports from other cell phone stores about cut cables.

Normally, we don't catch them. Normally, we get the calls after the fact, said Sgt. Marsh.

Cooper said the experience made her realize the cell phones are low-hanging fruit for criminals, and she would like to see more precautions.

I think there should be a change, whether it is a security guard or to have display phones that don t work, said Cooper.

T-Mobile issued a statement Tuesday: We are saddened to have seen this senseless act, and are glad that everyone is OK. We have extensive security tools and procedures in place to help safeguard our customers and our employees. We cannot provide more information, as there is an ongoing investigation and we are working with law enforcement.

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