TACOMA, Wash. -- A major bottling company is about to tap the Tacoma water supply.

Niagara Bottling, LLC selected a Tacoma area business park for the site for a new 311,000 square foot plant that will treat and bottle a million gallons of Tacoma tap water every day.

Tacoma water officials said it was a long negotiating process but they were finally able to strike a deal with the company that provides custom labeled water bottles for retailers like Safeway and Costco.

They said the money they make from the deal will help them avoid future rate increases for water customers and provide 35 full time jobs once it s up and running.

Niagara uses the same process in all of its 12 bottling plants across the country so the Tacoma water which comes from the Green River will not taste like the water you get out of a Tacoma tap.

The company hopes to be up and bottling by early next year.

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