A Connecticut couple has taken crowdsourcing to the coffee shop to poll customers on an important decision: the name for their son.

Jennifer James, 25, and Mark Dixon, 24, of West Haven couldn't decide on a name for their baby, who is due in September. Stuck between their top two choices, Logan and Jackson, the couple hung signs in the New Haven Green Starbucks and asked people to vote for either name. They said they were inspired by the Starbucks program that asks customers to vote on the store's employee of the month.

James and Dixon received over 1,800 votes in the coffee cup that served as a ballot box, reports the New Haven Register. Some votes were write-ins with different names, including Obama, Jebediah, Lincoln and Webster.

The name Logan received the most votes, and the couple decided to make it their son's first name and use Jackson as the middle name. The final decision:Logan Jackson Dixon.

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