Teens are particularly vulnerable in the car. We know that car accidents kill more teens than anything else, in part because teenagers are more dangerous and inexperienced drivers but also because they are among the lowest rate of seatbelt use of any age. There s some new information that lends insight into teens and distraction, especially when it comes to texting.

Americans and teens who text and drive

  • Car crashes are leading cause of death for teens age 16 to 19
  • Teens are inexperienced and more dangerous drivers
  • Teens (14-17) send average of 100 texts per day
  • 33 states and Washington, D.C., restrict cell phone use in car
  • American adults say they text and drive

New info on teens & texting

  • 8,500 teens surveyed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • 45 percent of teens said they texted and drove during last month
  • Teen texters were more likely to have other risky behaviors
  • Texters more likely not to use seatbelt or ride with drunk driver

What parents can do

  • Talk to teens about distractions during driving
  • 3 distractions: Visual, manual, and cognitive
  • Model great driving for your teen (don't text or use cell phone)
  • Put phone in purse or bag in backseat of car


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