Trainer Curt Ligot s mantra is no pain, yes gain!

When people come from a place of pain, even if they didn t know they re in pain, and you relieve that and they can move again, it s like kinda giving them a new lease on life, said Ligot of Ligot Training Systems.

And while the pool is a fountain of youth (and my favorite part about the whole workout), Ligot combines land and air. He asks us to question everything we think we know.

It was always this common thing that you have to break down the body, you have to damage it by lifting weights, doing hard exercise, and then recover and get stronger. It doesn t have to be that way anymore, said Ligot.

Clients work with little balls, big balls and a NASA invention called Vertimax. They also balance on cylinders and throw heavy ropes.

You get the same muscular benefits than lifting weights, but you get the added benefit of strengthening connective tissue, said Ligot. Because whenever you have that flow, everything gets nourished, everything gets stretched out, everything gets healed. So you get everything all at once. And it s crazy fun.

Clients also jump in the air with a giant rubber band all without shoes.

Turn the toes back on, the knees don t have to work as hard, said Ligot. Your back doesn t have to work as hard. You re actually using your entire body for once.

Christine Moore was a bodybuilder who pumped iron daily for years. The last time she lifted a weight was over a year ago. Months after working with Ligot, she snuck back into the weight room.

I think I almost doubled my leg press when I did it. And I was just, at that point, I just kinda threw the weights down and walked out and I was like that s it, said Moore. You know, I don t need it. I feel better. I can train more. I m not sore. I move better.

So no weights, no treadmills just move.

Why not skip the pain part and get right to the benefits? said Ligot.

Curt Ligot trains at the Seattle Athletic Club in downtown Seattle. Find more information on his Facebook page.

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