SEATTLE -- A Seattle woman is pounding the pavement to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Kat Tillman is training for the Vancouver Marathon on May 5. She has dedicated her race to those runners and spectators injured in Boston.

Her goal is to raise $25,000 before her marathon. She plans to give the money to Massachusetts General Hospital, to help pay the victim's medical bills.

I think that the true way to rise above in the face of a different situation like that is to become an activist, said Tillman.

Tillman says she first heard about the bombings while on Twitter, as she was following some of the runners taking part in the Boston Marathon.

I started getting these tweets about explosions, and I thought, that's really crazy, said Tillman. And I went home and I cried. It just, to me, it was so devastating.

She also felt compelled to help, so she turned to the internet once again to start her fundraising campaign.

She's using the hashtag #momruns4boston to spread the word, and donations can be made here.

With the race being 19 days away, I'm really focused on if one thousand people could make a donation for $25, then I could raise $25,000 and cross that finish line thinking about the victims, said Tillman.

In the meantime, Tillman says the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings will be her motivation, to push herself while training.

On Tuesday, she ran six miles at Green Lake, and says it's the least she can do.

This is about me just having that spirit of we will rise above, she said. I'm an American, and this is part of what I'm going to do, to just fight back.

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