A California creationist is offering you a chance to go home with $10,000, if you can prove in a court of law that science contradicts the literal reading of the Book of Genesis.

The catch? You have to pony up $10,000 of your own if the judge says you re wrong.

Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo, contributing writer for the Creation Science Hall of Fame, is making the bet. He said he ll put up $10,000 in escrow with the judge while the person trying to prove him wrong has to do the same.

Mastropaolo said if his opponent proves, scientifically, that the literal reading of Genesis is wrong and that we evolved, that person will take the full $20,000. Mastropaolo said the evidence must be objective, valid, reliable and calibrated.

The challenge will be heard in a real courtroom before a superior court judge, according to Mastropaolo. The court costs will be paid by the winner of the challenge.

Read more about the challenge and the rules here

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