New Census data from across the nation finds that King County has among the highest number of commuters coming from another county. But the county is also ahead of the national curve in use of carpools and public transportation.

Among workers in King County, 240,245 live outside the county, according to estimates taken between 2006 and 2010 by American Community Survey. 116,232 workers commute in from Snohomish County, 84,697 from Pierce County and 12,123 from Kitsap County.

In comparison, 74,605 residents in King County commute out of the county for work.

Nationally, 27.4 percent of workers commute outside the county where they live.

Other facts from the American Community Survey, taken in 2011:

  • 67 percent of workers in King County drove to work alone in 2011. Nationally, it was 76.4 percent.
  • 10 percent carpooled in 2011 compared to 9.7 percent nationwide. Women (10.9 percent) were more likely to carpool than men (9.2 percent).
  • 10.3 percent used public transportation compared to 5 percent nationally. Again, women (11.4 percent) were more likely to use public transportation than men (9.4 percent).
  • 4.6 percent walked and 1.5 percent used a bicycle to get to work. 5.7 percent worked from home.
  • The average one way commute for people living in King County was 26.5 minutes in 2011, about one minute more than the national average. About 6.6 percent of workers had to commute more than an hour, which is less than the national average of 8.1 percent.
  • 30 to 34 minutes is the average travel time for most drivers (17.4 percent).
  • Most people who work in King County during the morning rush hour leave home between 7 a.m. and 7:29 a.m. (13.5 percent).

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