The thought of giving birth for the first time is enough to send first-time mommies into panic zone! Today, we're showing mommies-to-be another option for emotional support: doulas.

Do you know what a doula is? Think of that person as a labor coach. They're not medical professionals, but they take classes and learn techniques for keeping mom comfortable during the labor process.

Emily Lauckhart is a doula and has seen 49 babies born. She says even if the mommy-to-be has family, it's good to have an advocate who knows what they're doing and can keep you on track when it comes to the birth plan.

They're asking do you want this, do you want that or this? That's overwhelming for momma, Lauckhart said. Instead of asking, I say let's try this instead of asking her questions because she's not in a state to think.

On KING 5 News at 5 this evening, join us in the delivery room with Emily and a mommy-to-be to watch a birth.

Did you use a doula? How was your experience?

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