AUBURN, Wash. -- Commissioners for the Port of Seattle met with leaders from the Kent-Auburn Valley Thursday to discuss how to grow business in the region. The round table discussion focused on obstacles to business expansion, including infrastructure.

At a meeting at Auburn City Hall, the commissioners discussed increased competition facing the ports of Seattle and Tacoma and how to keep the ports growing and competitive.

The Kent-Auburn Valley is the second largest manufacturing cluster on the West Coast and the fourth largest warehouse and distribution center in the country. The valley also plays an important role in trucking and freight routes, along with national rail corridors.

Kent Mayor Suzette Cooke said the region needs to figure out how to pay for roads and infrastructure.

Auburn mayor Pete Lewis explained his city s challenges in maintaining warehouse space. Roads for warehouse zoning need to be repaired or replaced every seven years as opposed to roads in a housing area, which last much longer.

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