TUKWILA, Wash. -- Nine African American educators have filed a lawsuit against the Tukwila School District. The complaint claims the district endorses a white agenda and represses equality in education and teaching in King County's most diverse school district.

Some of the district's African American teachers claimed that they have been retaliated against for making their concerns public in the past.

Our voices are not being heard. What is it going to take? said Sandra Goins, a teacher with the district since 2003. We have gone through those correct channels. Now we have to take it a step further.

Daryl Wright, an Assistant Principal at Foster High school, was hired by the Tukwila school district in 2006. He said the needs of minority students are not being met and it shows in test scores.

We are watching our kids struggle. We are watching our kids fail, and it is hurtful, said Wright.

In the lawsuit, it stated that no one of color sits on the school board or is a principal in the district. The complaint added that issues persist because of unlawful racism and pervasive discrimination against the African American workforce at the Tukwila school district.

Dr. Mellody Matthes, Tukwila school district's interim superintendent, said she just received the lawsuit Tuesday afternoon.

At this point we don't really have an response to their concerns, but we really hope to have some dialogue around these issues, said Dr. Matthes.

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