2,736 men, women and children had no shelter in King County Thursday night, a small increase from 2012.

A gong outside City Hall is rung for each person counted.

A thousand volunteers helped with the One Night Count of homeless people in King County early this morning.

The Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness organized the count, now in its 33rd year. The coalition is an independent group of organizations and individuals that works on homelessness issues in our region.

The One Night Count is a humbling experience, said Coalition Executive Director Alison Eisinger. In her seventh year of leading this effort, she reflected, This morning we are especially reminded that everyone should have a place to call home. The Count is a call to action each January-the beginning of a full year of education and action for all of us who care about this crisis.

Volunteers worked with trained leaders to count people sleeping in cars, tents, under bridges, or in doorways.

The primary purpose of the One Night Count is to document how many people lack basic shelter. It does not include those who are staying in shelters and transitional housing, who are counted separately.

In 2005, a regionally adopted Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness was launched to address the needs of those who lack shelter. Since then, more than 30,000 people have left homelessness and more than 5,000 new housing units have been created for people who were once homeless.

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