Hedwig and The Angry Inch opens this month at the historic Moore Theatre.The music is reminiscent of early punk and glam rock - and the show puts its audience in the center of the action following lounge singer Hedwig as she re-counts her salacious story and fronts her band, The Angry Inch, (featuring real life members of Seattle bands the Walkabouts, 1uppers, Zony Mash, and Swallow).

Hedwig is performed by Jerick Hoffer, a rising star in the Seattle theater scene.

He recently wowed audiences in 5th Avenue's 'Rent' and Balagan Theater s 'Spring Awakening'.

He hosts the weekly drag show Le Faux and will be a contestant on the 5th season of Ru Paul's Drag Race premiering January 28th on the LOGO Network.

He stopped by today to sing Sugar Daddy , with his Co-star Erin Stewart!

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