Garfield High School teachers are taking a stand against assessment tests. They re boycotting the Measure of Academic Progress or MAP test, claiming it s a waste of resources and robs students of instructional time.

Our students are more than a test score, said history teacher Jesse Hagopian.

The majority of teachers all decided to stop having students take the MAP. They claim they can t in good conscience subject students to the test again.

I see no use for it at all, so I m not going to do it, said Kit McCormick, an English teacher.

According to teachers, the test doesn t impact how they grade and takes valuable time classroom time away.

In 2009, a middle school teacher was suspended for two weeks for refusing to give the Washington Assessment of Student Learning or WASL.

Also that year, two elementary school special education teachers were suspended without pay because parents asked them not to give the WASL, so they didn t.

It s obviously risky, but if it s for the student s benefit, then they should totally do what they think they should do, said Dietra Brereton, a Garfield High School student.

Teachers say they understand the risk, but it s the right thing to do.

I m teaching them that when there are things like this going on, that are improper, that are incorrect, you have to step up and say something about it, said Mario Shaunette, a math teacher.

In reaction to the boycott, Seattle Public Schools says it expects teachers to administer all required tests like MAP.

The district plans to review the effectiveness of it, but Garfield teachers hope another option is considered.

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